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Serious Perform Longsleeve – anthracite

Color: anthracite
Composition: 100% Polyester (antibacterial charcoal fiber)
Features: dry fit, skin friendly anti smell fabric, cooling effect,

Longsleeve extras: thumbholes for spontainious handspins, perfect to wear under a serious BeeVeeDee

No smell just flavor

Why we made this:
1. We allways asked ourself why all theese “functional” sport underwear shirts are looking so uncool. Our aim was to create a nice functional shirt that performes well and looks cool at the same time.

2. Why do polyester clothes allways have to smell like somebody died in after sweating? We found a especially for sports designed fabric with antibactariel features. That means it cools you down and keeps you dry as well as it prevents you from bad smell after a intense training.

3. We needed the perfect garment to be combined with the Serious BeeVeeDee.


34.90 €
Serious Spincap | camou

Color: navy

Composition: 100% Nylon – upper shell / 100% Cotton – under shell

The first five panel Spincap in the history of Breaking.

The fact that its upper material consists entirely out of super slippy nylon mesh makes the best headspin, halo, headglide and donut performances possible. It avoids unnecessary friction anywhere your head is touching the ground and needs to slide or spin. The top panel is seamless, to avoid hurting and provide facilitate balancing in extreme move combinations and spins like pencils or drills. The inner fabric consists of woven cotton twill for comfortable wearing.

29.90 €

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