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Our idea is to build up an international lifestyle brand that is rooted in urban dance. We want to take a step towards a self-sustaining bboy industry to provide a more autonomous future for bboy culture. Our aim is to bring bboy Gear to the next level by combining style and function to create something new.

About us:


Distribution and Costumer Care

Has experience in distribution of bboy products for many years and was the first to import Mocknecks to Europe.


Marketing and PR

Is in close contact with the elite of worldwide bboy scene by visiting major events. Has the best notion of the bboys desires and needs.


Production, Art Direction and Design

Utilizes his professional experience in textile business and his active bboy background to develop new and innovative products.


The backbone of SER!OUS are Storm, Sade and Swiftrock. Their experience in breaking culture is more than 30 years deep. The initiative to build a brand was anticipated for a long time. We are there cause we care for what we wear.

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