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Serious Brand


Dance gear designed for the special needs of bboys. Style paired with function. The garments we develope meet the standards of todays bboy world demands. We substantially partake in the engineering and distribution of bboy gear and fashion since 1989. Traditionally involved into bboy culture.

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We present new colors for our classic items Serious mockneck and spincap. ‎Serious Brand‬ extends the color range of its most wanted items. The mockneck is now also available in brilliant white, cool navy and classic dark green. The spincap range was extended by camou and silvergrey for the perfect match to the heather grey mockneck.

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Story behind the SpinCap


In the first part of ‪‎Serious Stories the legendary dancer ‪‎Storm is telling the incredible ‪‎Story behind the Spincap. From moms shopping bag to a sophisticated and fashionable accessory item which combines function and style. A change of reality for all bboys. Serious is a new Lifestyle Brand, designed from bboys for bboys. The founders are ‪‎Storm, Swift and Sade from Germany.


Story behind the Mockneck


In the second part of ‪‎Serious Stories Storm is telling the ‪‎Story behind the Mockneck. About his first trip to New York City and about finding the difference between a regular sweater and a genuine ‪‎Mockneck‬ with a little bit of help from the ‪‎Legendary Kwikstep.


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